golf field

Playing golf at River’s Edge Club

When you don’t know how to impress her on your date, invite her for a golf course. You will certainly have a lot of fun at River’s Edge Club! It’s the perfect place to get to know each other better. Walking several holes or riding in a golf car with your appealing companion will allow you to have wonderful moments together. Here are some reasons why you should come playing golf at River’s Edge Club.

Playing golf for beginners

The uninitiated are convinced that golf seems terribly complicated. But if you already enjoyed the thrills of the competition, you know that the game, rules, and language won’t scare you. When you come at River’s Edge Golf Club attended by your friend or a lovely escort from 6annonce, explain her first the basics about the clubs. She will soon start to love the game and your skills!

Don’t carry 14 clubs in your bag; you’ll barely need half of it. Make sure you include here an 8-iron, a pitching wedge, a putter, a driver, a 6-iron, a sand wedge, and a fairway wood or hybrid (which has about 18-21 degrees of loft). They are the easiest to start with and your stunning companion will quickly learn the basics. You may already have them in your collection, or you could rent them from the golf club. Either way, pick the clubs with woods that have more loft. This way, your companion will not feel embarrassed and miss, as more loft allows her to get the ball in the air after only a couple of tries.

Golf Tournaments

Although not all escorts enjoy learning new things, you will sure find one gorgeous lady to suit your desire. She will gladly accept your invitation. And, who knows, maybe she will teach you one or two things you did not know by now! If she’s not exactly a beginner, the course will prove to be more intense than you expected. And walking around of golf will remind you why you are addicted to the game.

Why you should come at River’s Edge Club

It does not matter if you come at your boss’s invite or accompanied by alluring escorts. Golf is about networking, practicing your skills, and getting better at it. Did you know that the sport also relieves stress? Although it’s frustrating to miss or even lose when someone’s better, golf brings people together and is also good for your heart. Staying outdoors with remarkable escorts and enjoying the fresh air while conversating is sure to help you unwind after a busy day at work.

Playing golf at River’s Edge Club with your beautiful companion will convince you to become a member. You may even spend your night here, as they are in conjunction with South Algonquin Resort and offer impressive Stay’ N Play packages. When you wish to benefit from a unique combination of social interaction and outdoor exercise, come here and enjoy a game or two. Plan your visit at River’s Edge. It will be an exciting adventure!