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Why you should become a member of the River’s Edge Golf Club

Golf is one of the most popular sports played around the world. Due to its amazing natural surroundings, quality service, a famous golf course and location for private events, River’s Edge Golf Club is truly memorable. Whether you are an avid golf player, or you need an excellent place for your perfect celebration, spend your days at this terrific country club and explore the beauty of nature while you enjoy fun activities. It offers its visitors and members unforgettable moments.

Located in the Bancroft town in Canada’s Ontario province along the Shallotte River, the clubhouse is one of the most beautiful places on the golf scene. Do not forget your camera at home and make sure you capture all the stunning sceneries. Bring your friends or family with you and make the most of your holiday trip. If you become a member, you will get plenty of offers that will make come back for more every time.

You can choose between a wide selection of golf packages and you will never get tired of it. Share with the other players the thrills of competition and practice your skills all year round. No matter you have a planned lunch with one of your favorite buddies, or you scheduled your meeting at noon, with a membership at the River’s Edge you can make it to any match because the club offers contracts that best suit your lifestyle.

If you are worried about the huge amount of fees a golf course requires, rest assured that when you apply as a member, you will get regular discounts for clothes and green fees. This also allows you to participate in tournaments and take pleasure in the numerous events. With very good quality course, you will have a wonderful golf experience. Savor every second of the game and admire the impressive landscapes that surround the green fields.

Golf Tournaments

Take a trip to River’s Edge estate and check out the luxury golf homes. You can stop everywhere you want and discover the wildlife near the massive rocks. When you are hungry, do not hesitate and have a delicious meal at the designated area. Keep your body hydrated and get a drink from the multiple beverage carts. If you need anything, do not waste time and seek the friendly staff people. They will always help you with everything you need.

In case you come for a tournament, you can book your stay at one of the various environment friendly homes. The comfortable rooms and distinctive designs will make your vacation worth it. Enjoy a journey along the river and visit the local attraction. You can explore an array of greenery in spring, colorful forests in autumn and rocky mountains all seasons. Nature will give you enough energy so that you will give your best on the golf field.

When you become a member of the River’s Edge Golf Club, you can take joy in all the facilities it has to offer. Reconnect with your children, or make new friends and relax after so many stressful days at work. Charm your eyes with the natural wonders and create awesome memories. Make sure you have fun and with a fraction of the costs. Have your next adventure at the River’s Edge Golf Club and you will never get bored!